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Games of Thrones

What is all the hype?

To bed a queen, whose beauty and power wakes sick interest, to visit a brothel and find out there is a real lady waiting there for you, to cynically lay a young virgin princess. Do you see why Game of Thrones is so popular across large audiences? Well, there so no knowing for sure about “large”, of course, but judging by the hype, the series dubbed as “torture-porn” by rather more decent critics continues riding high…



Not long ago they started showing it on a local TV channel – maybe, they had shown it before, too – but, imagine we have now bill-boards advertising the show! Wonder who puts them up – would like to look at those people, talk to them, maybe… The show-makers will say the series follows human nature. Could you specify whose nature exactly? Thank you. Because the nature in question looks bleak, and the further it gets the worse. Where do the show-runners draw the line between the personal schizophrenic-like fantasy and the bulk of collective conscious? Who should answer for that, just in case?  



Game of Thrones pushes someone’s own distorted stereotypes about world on the world. Let’s look at one of the favourite (if not the favourite) character of Khaleesi.



That’s how they want us to think she looks like:





This is the face behind the part of Khaleesi, as the casting crew see it:



Эмилия Кларк



And that’s probably more realistic, given her addled brains and everything she's been through:





But the screen image presents a hugely glamorized version of a poor little mite – at the same time hot and screwed - who eventually becomes the embodiment of “good forces”. Yes, anyone but Khaleesi is right and sound ! in the average viewer’s eyes.



Actually, she is pretty OK, - writes a certain author (or should we call her copywriter?) on none other mtv.com. How can a woman, who watches boiling iron being poured over another person’s head (and close family, too), be OK?? And that - from the point of view of an educated and cultured person of the 21 century who poses as therapist! On LinkedIn profile the writer says she possesses “a gift for content aimed at teenagers”. Sure! Who else will buy this kind of bullshit? But pray: if Khaleesi is OK for you, then where is western civilization you represent, suddenly gone? How can a woman who has been literally fucked up – and mentally – a woman betrayed by all and everyone including the nearest, surrounded by strange people, be OK?? Only in one case: if such conclusion is drawn by a pathological liar taught by other liars. Khalisi is a fighter, whose energy one can comfortably channel against whomever. She has no partner (has he been destroyed on purpose or just disappeared when his mission was over?), so she will have a lot of spare energy. Khaleelis like this can turn the world over for anyone, who knows how to manipulate them. Whom are you trying to convince she is OK? Ok for what - to what ends exactly? That woman is totally messed up. Oddly enough, the copywriter, Bachelor in Art and French, speaking about mental illnesses diagnoses the Dohtrati queen OK! But what should you expect if the lady doesn’t even discriminate between a sociopath and psychopath. Moreover, she comes across as sociopath herself. Content for teenagers, indeed.



Game of Thrones’ runners create false images – although they actually don’t create anything much just procure for the needs of their undeveloped, barbaric audience, who have nothing better to do than watch some sort of sick sex-and torture orgy shrouded in the glamorous guise of fantasy.    



Summary: Clad in a glamorous shroud of fantasy, Game of Thrones abounds in crude sexism, violent barbarism and some sort of primordial or downright sick cruelty - to such an extent it grows indecent and has been dismissed by a number of viewers as “torture porn”. However, huge audiences all over the globe seem to relish every "titbit" - what a pun because it's reportedly full of naked tits and helpless women. More considerations to come.




PS) The author of this has never watched the actual series, except seing some anstracts, but has heard and read enough.


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