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Pussy Riot - idiots with young bodies

What do Pussy Riot want?

I was reading an old thread on a Swedish forum about Pussy Riot. The topic starter asked a fairly reasonable question: what do Pussy Riot want?



I don't know what they want - I am not a sympathizer. But on the other hand, I have always regarded their antics as little more than silly behaviour. Then it suddenly dawned on me. I have always seen in them a pretty good caricature of how young women are viewed in this culture: idiots with young bodies. One of the reactions to their most famous performance was that of a priest - or whatever they are called in Russian church. Quoted by Pussy Riot themselves on their LiveJournal page, he said something to the effect that those girls needed to be given some blini (Russian pancakes) to eat, with the implication that they were too thin and skinny.



They are far from thin - by my standards. Neither are they skinny. They are well-rounded, if you can use the word in this reference, and have obviously been well fed throughout their lives. Although, I can't be sure, of course. But from the fatherly figure of priest's standing, they must seem underfed. I suspect Russian clergy still stick to the old view that a good - childbearing - woman should be plump, and stout, and serene in all her benevolent fatness... I doubt that Pussy Riot intended to bring about such associations. But not only beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By the advanced presuppositions of quantum mechanics, everything is in the eye of the beholder. And the priest perceives them as part of his flock - the malnourished, toubled part.



So whatever Pussy Riot want, their protest meets with the bulk of the collective conscious. The average audience is rather reconfirmed in the belief that youth is a silly period when the person moves about in an erratic way not knowing whether they are coming or going. Partially, it is true - especially here for reasons of which one could speak inevitably. The topic-starter of the Swedish forum thread lives in a totally different reality. He lives in a society where the sexual revolution has actually taken place, with various success. Pussy Riot live in a patriarchal society, although they themselves did not appear to be bound by its limitations. So what do they want? They would say that they would like to stir up other people and spur them to some action.



The biggest difference between the two cultures, as far as I can judge, is that westerners hardly see any wrong-doing in Pussy Riot's escapes - less so dangerous wrong-doing for which one should be persecuted and incarcerated. People here are less liberal-minded -  and I suspect they are not liberal-minded at all harbouring some kind of internal hatred towards anyone who dares to show disagreement, particularly young, which they usually mix up with disrespect, often intentionally and quite consciously.



Back to the caricature - for that's what Pussy Riot are, in fact - in an involuntary way, perhaps. Even the choice of name speaks for itself. Did they really mean to come across as idiots with young bodies? I doubt but what can I know. Wonder, whose idea and creativity is behind the image and name? It all smacks of discreditation, rather. They look like willing young idiots to be used, whose own interests are a non-factor in the general scheme of things.  




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