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A new decorative sex

Men who wear makeup - О мужчинах, которые красяться


Once upon a time, make-up was of the Evil One – something the daughters of Eve resorted to in an attempt to beguile men. Christian prelates said the weaker vessel was by creation more prone to trickery and cunning. Men, on the other hand, were regarded as superior, their beauty calling for the attribute ‘handsome’. They just could not deck themselves out like the feeble(-minded) sex. Bigots and particularly ‘pious’ church-going aunts still condemn girls for wearing make-up. Just wonder, what they would have to say on the subject of certain celebrity dudes.


The XX century saw in the emancipation. It was made publicly known that women are in no way lesser for being, well, women. And they started asserting themselves against men. Many feminists disdain cosmetics and everything associated with the role of decorative sex. True, it doesn’t sound very dignified. But gender-bending doesn’t pass without consequences. We witness men exploring the niche which Oscar Wilde once summed up so well.


A new decorative sex… Seems, looking like a lady is no longer the problem. The guyliner trend is taking over the globe, and it is no longer confined to the silver screen or the rock music scene. To think, the industry has even begun to market maNscara! Somewhat coyly, psychologists try to explain it away with the newly coined term ‘metrosexual’, while average girls grow ever more jealous of guys – the way the latter prettify themselves they will soon compete with women for male attention, scarce as it is.



Russel Brand

He knows how to rock the eyeliner and combine it with an outspoken anti-establishment position – a truly unique mixture! But the man has a distinct sense of style when it comes to clothes. His manner of dress is liked by many, and copied by some. One way or another, Russel Brand knows the rules of fashion and PR and may have laid down one or two himself. All in all, given the slightly dishevelled nonconformist’s image, Brand can pull off even a little product around his eyes.     

Adam Lambert

He was not nicknamed Glambert for no reason. Some say he is talented. However, for a person of real talent, he seems a wee bit too absorbed with skin-deep beauty. Glambert can swipe the guyliner and not only. Judging by his looks, he expertly knows what cosmetic industry has in store.     


Christiano Ronaldo

Most football stars, who gained fame outside the field where they plied their trade, have always had some kind of playboy image. Girls rarely care for soccer, but bad guys attract them. Christiano is not a model good guy either, yet the industry tried to make him out to be. The relationship with Irene Shaik figured well into the ‘model’ picture – in every sense of the word. Christiano Ronaldo is probably the first glamorized version of a soccer player, if you don’t take into account the ideal family man Beckham, but his married status is a bit of a liability. So Ronaldo rules the scene and takes every step to look as good as a model – even when running sweaty about the pitch.   




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